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Ticketing Accessories

Accessories improve ticketing efficiency

Easy dispensing and storing of tickets and wristbands is made possible with our Cash/Ticket Box and dispensing equipment. Our electronic ticket counters and shredders eliminate the manual counting of tickets giving you better control and shorter lines at your redemption counter. Click on one of the categories above for details!

Ticket Counters and Shredders
Cash Boxes and Ticket Dispensers
Cash Boxes and Ticket Dispensers

Ticket Counters and Shredders
Selection of fully automatic models.

Cash Box, Ticket Dispensers
Manual and automated options.

Ticket Rack
Manual and automated options.

TT-2000 Ticket EaterĀ®
Cash Boxes and Ticket Dispensers

TT-2000 Ticket EaterĀ®
Not available online.
Please Call 1.800.829.0829 to Order

Roll Ticket Holder
Brass Plated. Two single rolls or one double roll.



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