NTC Asset Manager

Welcome - Getting Started

Welcome to the NTC Asset Manager, National Ticket Company's new way to upload your assets. This guide will introduce you to the new way to upload assets that will make it easier for you to manage your assets.


There is a menu at the top left corner of the screen. If the user is logged in it will display your first name and if user is not logged in, it will display “Guest”. If the user hovers over the menu when logged in it will drop down and display My Assets and Logout links. Hovering when not logged in will cause it to display Login and Register links.


On the register page the user will have the option to register for a free nationalticket.com account. Registration is required to utilize the asset manager. To register you must provide first name, last name, unique email address, and password. Once the proper information has been provided click the register button, if registration is successful the user will be redirected to a thank you page. If registration fails then an error message will be provided with the reason to the failure.


On the login page the user will be able to login to their nationalticket.com account. To login, fill in the account email address and password. Once the login details have been provided click the login button. If the login was successful the user will be redirected to the My Assets page, if the login fails then the user will be asked to check the email address and password and try again.


Logging out will take the user back to Login or Register pages.

My Assets

This is where the user can upload/delete/download/share assets.


1. Click Upload and browse to the file on your computer.

2. Select the file and click Open.

3. Wait for all the files to upload.

4. Once all the files are uploaded click the Save button.


To download a file the user needs to click the Download button next to the file and then follow his browser prompts to finish downloading the file.


To delete a file the user needs to click Delete and then confirm that the file will be deleted.


There are two different ways a user can share a file with another user. The first method will send an email directly to another user so that person can download the file. The second method directly provides the download link to the owner so the owner can share that download link themselves.

First Method:

1. Click the Share button next to the file.

2. Fill in the recipients email address and a message to let them know what they are receiving. Then click the send button. The user will be notified if the email was sent successfully, if the email failed then the user will be notified as to the reason sending failed.

Second Method:

1. Click the Share button next to the file.

2. Click the Link button.

3. The download link is now available for the user to do whatever they wish with it. Copy and paste it to utilize it.