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    Clicking a link to one of our Online Store products or the link to Online Store in the top right will take you to the new National Ticket xPress area.
National Ticket has recently launched our new website! Our website consists of a new online store that has lots of great features that will allow us to better serve you and offer new amazing products in the near future. This page is an intro to help you get started or just get an overview of what's new.

Online Store

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    You can browse products and add them to a cart, but to order you have to first create an account. Click on Sign In to Register.
When you click the Online Store link on the Homepage you will be brought to the new National Ticket xPress Web-to-Print store.
If this is your first time visiting the new xPress Store you'll have to click on Sign In at the top right hand corner. This will take you to the login screen. From here you can click on "Create an account".
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    Click "Create an account". Enter the required information and we'll send you an activation link. Once you are activated you can begin purchasing all of your products.
If this is your first time visiting the new xPress Store you'll have to click on Sign In at the top right hand corner.

Sign Up

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    Fill in all the required fields and press Sign Up. The password must be at least 6 long, with a capital letter and a number. Welcome aboard!
Enter an email address, your name, and a password. Then fill out the CAPTCHA and, if you'd like, Opt In to recieve special discount from National Ticket Company.
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    Welcome to National Ticket Company! You are now ready to place an order!
Immediately after you click Sign Up you will see the Thank You for Registering Page. From here you can Continue Shopping, Manage your Account or go to your Shopping Cart.

Order Product

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    Once you click the generic category you'll see some products appear in the content area, use the sub categories to narrow down to more specific products.
When you first visit you'll see the product categories on the left. Clicking on a category will reveal subcategories.
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    Once you see the product you want, just click "Place an Order" to configure
  • Here you see a picture of the product.
  • This is a description of the item and possibly how it is priced or packaged.
  • How many boxex do we have in stock? And of course, the button so you can buy them.
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    Now that you have products in your cart you can use our Secure Checkout.
  • Quantity: How many boxes do you want?
  • BoxQuantity: Do you want 1000, 500, or 100 band boxes? (Tyvek Ultrabands only)
  • Recalculate: When you change the Quantity and/or BoxQuantity you need to press this to see the new price.
  • Add to Cart: After you have supplied your quantities press Add to Cart and you can then you can Continue Shopping or Checkout.

Select Shipping

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    Double check your addresses and make sure to explore all your shipping options in the Service section. Then click NEXT.
  • Billing Address: This address must correspond with the address associated with your credit/debit card.
  • Shipping Address: Where did you want that package to go? Tell us by setting the shipping address. This will determine your shipping costs.
  • Service: You will have multiple options for shipping service based on your location. From Fedex and UPS Ground services to next day and second day air service. Its up to you.
  • Next: Now its time to enter your credit/debit card details and finalize your order.

Add Payment Info

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    After your card information is entered pressing Checkout will complete your purchase. Thank You.
  • Review: This is a summary of the product price, shipping and handling charges, and taxes.
  • Credit Card Information: All the fields are mandatory. Simply enter your information and checkout
  • Checkout: When you are satisfied with the products and your credit card information is entered press Checkout to finish the transaction.

Thank You

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    If you click on Print Order Details you can see view and print your order details. The blurred area is where your order number will be.
  • Print Order Details: Products, shipping and billing addresses, shipping charges and taxes... its all here!
  • Continue Shopping: Did you something else? You can click this button to go back to the main page and order more products.



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