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Cleaning Cards, Pens, and Wipes for Thermal Printers

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Thermal Printers Need to be Maintained for Performance Reliability
Our cleaning supplies safely and easily remove dirt and other contaminants from within thermal printers without costly outside assistance. Our cleaning products can be used as preventive or corrective maintenance to ensure you get the most from your thermal printers and avoid unnecessary and costly downtime.

Thermal printer cleaning cards.

This product is designed to remove built-up paper flash and contaminants from the thermal print head within all types of direct and ribbon transfer printers.

Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards were developed to provide a preventive maintenance cleaning to remove dirt and debris from print heads. By cleaning your Thermal Printer on a regular basis you are maintaining the print image, extending the life of the print head and will have accurate and readable print/barcode images. Cleaning Card width should be determined by the maximum width of your thermal print head.

Thermal printer cleaning cards measure 2”x6” / 50.8mm x 152.4mm

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