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Custom Thermal Wristbands

Custom Thermal Wristbands

National Ticket Company offers two types of thermal wristbands. One type uses an adhesive backing for attachment. The other uses a snap and is totally waterproof.

Custom Thermal Wristbands with an adhesive backing are made of a tear-resistant direct thermal synthetic material that allows your venue to print customized information at the point of sale. The bands can be printed with a 200 or 300 dpi thermal printer. They are worn on the wrist by attaching the band with a super-strong adhesive. These wristbands are individually numbered over a die cut to resist tampering and improve security.

National Ticket Company also offers Direct Thermal Wristbands that are the perfect solution for your water park or other water event! Made of a comfortable, durable synthetic, thermal wristbands are the perfect admission tool for the water park and water recreation industry. Non-reusable plastic snaps are included separately so that the heat sensitive wristbands can run through a thermal printer, allowing your venue to print customized information at the point of sale.

Security, Admission, Identification
Used for all applications in which a visual means of identification is needed, our custom thermal wristbands are an attractive, comfortable and durable option. The non-reusable security closures discourage transfer.

  • Options

    • Upto 6 inks/colors
    • Two sided printing
    • Custom Designs and Logos
    • Single or Double consecutive numbering
    • 500ct Rolls with 3" core or Fan Folded

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