Specialty Tickets

Specialty Tickets

Passes, vouchers, coupons, and general admissions are just a few of the uses for general purpose and specialty tickets. Various sizes, colors, and designs to suit your application; customized to your specifications including your logo.

Features that can protect your investment: Bar coding, security stocks, security inks, foil stamping, holographic foil, embossing, and die-cutting.

Ordering Information

  • Bristol - standard ticket stock
  • China - durable stock
  • Coated - specialty stocks
  • Safety Stock - watermarked safety stock
  • Index - consistent weight stock
Ink Colors
  • Standard Black
  • Various colors available upon request
  • Loose
  • Stitched
  • Glued in pads
  • Custom to your specification
More Info...
  • Paper stock color charts available upon request

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