Data Guidelines

Variable Data File Guidelines

National Ticket Company will provide a complete scrubbing of your data files in order to provide continued service and support to our valued customers. We have the capabilities to fix and manipulate a customer's data file which could carry a nominal fee. Please see the following information that outlines our services. You will be notified by your customer service representative if the data file you have provided requires additional services.

Incoming Data File Guidelines

We strive to support all file variations we receive. However by following the recommended guidelines below will help ensure your files are processed quickly and accurately without incurring additional fees.


  • Our preferred data file formats are Fixed Length, Tab or Comma delimited text files. We also accept Excel spreadsheets; however it is common to see accidental formatting changes and data loss in files that have been modified using it. Please be careful when formatting data in Excel, as data (like barcodes and zip codes) with leading zeros may change and the leading zeros are automatically removed by the program.
  • We accept industry standard formats such as Ticketmaster, and Paciolan data files.
  • In order to expedite data file processing we prefer that all data files come with a readme.txt file with a full explanation of that fields are within the data files.
  • Data files can be sent directly to National Ticket via email as an attachment. If the data file is too large for email, you can use our FTP site to upload this file. Please ask your company representative for information on how to access our FTP site.
  • CD and DVD can also be sent, please contact your company representative for address information to send these formats.


  • When naming your data files please be as descriptive as possible, using team names and any additional identifiers that would help us identify the correct files (ex. sponsors, sections, 1/2 season vs. full season).
  • Please separate Section, Row and Seat information into separate columns (fields).
  • National Ticket prefers not to resort your data, please send us your data files sorted in the order you want your product printed in; preferably by account number if that is included, if not then by customer name or by sec/row/seat order.
  • All variable information should match exactly what you want printed on your tickets. If any data is spelled incorrectly or abbreviations are used in the data file this is how they will appear on your tickets. Example 7PM or should it be 7:00 PM; NY Yankees or New York Yankees. Additional programming charges may apply for any necessary changes.


  • A variable data proof will be sent after artwork proofs are approved. Please review all variable data, including scanning your barcodes to make sure they are correct and match the correct seating information for that ticket.
  • Sign and fax back to National Ticket the included approval forms, indicating approval and/or changes.

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