Tokens are great promotional pieces for bar drinks, bus and parking companies, event admissions, amusement centers, casinos and car washes. Tokens can be custom imprinted on one or both sides with your logo, design and copy — or select from one of our stock designs. Tokens are available in various sizes and thicknesses in brass, nickel-plated, regular or anodized colors of aluminum.

Our Products

  • Stock tokens — Stock tokens are made of brass, nickel silver or nickel plated brass, and are available in one of seven different thicknesses. We offer various attractive options, including designs for bus tokens, car wash tokens, parking tokens and more. Products are available to ship within two business days.
  • Custom printed nickel or brass tokens — With our custom tokens, you can mix and match your logo with several front and back images for an almost limitless number of design possibilities. Custom products are available in your choice of brass or nickel.
  • Aluminum tokens — Aluminum tokens are lightweight and economical, making them perfect for amusement parks, fairs or other high-volume applications, though they aren’t suitable for most mechanical coin machines. Regular and anodized aluminum tokens are available with any of our standard or customized designs.

Compared to tickets, tokens are harder to forge and make a collectible keepsake for your guests or customers. At National Ticket Company, we manufacture custom bus tokens for transportation companies, parking tokens and more. We have over 100 years of experience and design expertise, and we can quickly turn around orders of any size.

Need help choosing the right custom token for your application? We have a solution for every budget and every order size.


Minimum Quantities
  • Stock brass or nickel tokens – 3,000
  • Custom printed brass or nickel tokens – 5,000
  • Regular or Anodized aluminum stock or custom printed tokens – 10,000

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Stock Tokens

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