Stock Wristbands

National Ticket Company's wristbands can be used for crowd management, special privileges, catering, age verification, height restrictions, group identification or any application where a visual means of identification is needed. Made of strong lightweight, waterproof Tyvek®, our consecutively numbered wristbands will not stretch or tear – even when wet! Plastic wristbands or premium vinyl wristbands are a comfortable, durable option for extended wear and the non-reusable locking closure discourages transfer. We have dozens of designs across several types of wristbands that are in stock and ready to ship.


Custom Wristbands By National Ticket Company

Tyvek® Ultra Bands are consecutively numbered for ease of control and fasten around the wrist with a strong adhesive for security. Our bands are tamper resistant due to a series of custom die cuts at the point of adhesion that help detect the removal or transfer of the band. Ask us about additional security features including UV inks! We can custom design wristbands in a variety of ink colors with your logo, image, text or numbering sequence (including bar coding) to suit any application. For extended use applications we offer custom printed plastic or premium vinyl wristbands. Thermal and RFID wristbands can be integrated into your POS system. Hi-Res wristbands are custom printed with your full color logo, graphics, text, and/or high resolution bar codes and are available with sta-put tabs to reduce litter.


For smaller custom wristband orders, quick turnaround, great prices.


Sta-Put tab wristbands are environmentally friendly, offering a litter free environment. The peel-off tabs stay attached to help eliminate waste to keep the ground clean.


Packaged 1,000 bands per box. Hi-Res barcodes, 4 color process, waterproof and tamper resistent.


Up to 6 inks/colors, two sided printing, custom designs and logos, rolls or fan folded.

Orange Plastic Wristbands

A durable option for extended wear, features a non-reusable locking clip. Packaged 500 bands per box. Call for more information.


Manage, control, simplify with Ultra RFID wristbands for use with RFID integrated systems in applications such as admissions, lockers, payment and security.


A durable option for extended wear, features a non-reusable locking clip. Packaged 500 bands per box. Call for more information.


For your custom wristband solution, contact our customer service department at 1.800.829.0829

Tyvek® is a DuPont registered trademark

How to order:

Call our Customer Service
Team 1.800.829.0829

Have your text and/or logo available so we can determine the best color and text configuration based on your needs.

We will take your order over the phone and take care of the rest.